Attention loyal listeners! The back catalog of Blame It On Outer Space may not be around forever. We never know when the NSA wiretapping is going to bring us down so get these episodes while you can!

Case File #7839 - The Reptilian Agenda (Rich McHale)
Case File #2727 - The Government Assassinates Musicians (Justin Case)
Case File #6901 - The Moon Landing Hoax (Andrew Jupin, Amanda Smith)
Case File #0832 - The Thunderbird (Vincent Brusco, Sean Weiner)
Case File #4056 - The Barney and Betty Hill Abduction (Stephen Sajdak)
Case File #9990 - The Montauk Project (Andrew Jupin, Justin Case)
Case File #3361 - The Shadow People (Rich McHale)
Case File #1219 - Giants (Justin Case, Amanda Smith)
Case File #3953 - Bohemian Grove (Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin)
Case File #9526 - Men in Black (Amanda Smith)
Case File #4280 - Dulce Base (Sean Weiner)
Case File #8175 - Denver International Airport (Stephen Sajdak, Carmen DiFabio)
Case File #8924 - Black Eyed Kids
Case File #0558 - Bigfoot (Rich McHale)
Case File #8213 - Chemtrails (Justin Case)
Case File #7643 - Nazi UFOs (Jesse Ventura/James Adomian)
Case File #1393 - Krampus (Vincent Brusco)
Case File #8026 - Andy Kaufman's Fake Death (Andrew Jupin)
Case File #1552 - Moving Coffins (Sean Weiner)
Case File #4879 - Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (Amy Raugust)
Case File #2472 - Black Helicopters (Carmen DiFabio)
Case File #5490 - Lake Willoughby (Rich McHale)
Case File #97823 - FEMA Camps (Wilford Brimley/Andrew Jupin)
Case File #0004 - The Holy Bible (Vincent Brusco)
Case File #6168 - Ed and Lorraine Warren (Dan Bookbinder)
Case File #2843 - The Mothman (Mark Stetson)
Case File #0207 - Maine Abductions (Stephen Sajdak, Andrew Jupin)
Case File #8639 - Soviet Humanzee (Jon Gutierrez)
Case File #7233 - The Bermuda Triangle (Will Choy)
Case File #1997 - Alex Jones is Bill Hicks
Case File #97824 - Crop Circles (Wilford Brimley/Andrew Jupin)
Case File #4652 - HAARP (Chris Cabin)
Case File #6534 - Headless Horseman (Vincent Brusco)
Case File #3491 - Can Cats See Ghosts? (Monk the cat)
Case File #2362 - Ouija Boards (Ramsey Ess)
Case File #8405 - Project Serpo (Amanda Smith)
Case File #1610 - William Shakespeare (Sir Patrick Stewart/Stephen Sajdak)
Case File #9104 - Slender Man (Rich McHale)
Case File #6739 - SantaCon (Kyle Levenick)
Case File #8972 - Scientology (Amy Raugust)
Case File #5632 - Water Fluoridation (Lionel)
Case File #3818 - Pigman
Case File #2401 - Zombie Apocalypse
Case File #6202 - Loch Ness Monster (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Case File #8904 - Solar Warden Space Fleet
Case File #2193 - Poltergeists
Case File #9001 - Vaccines & Anti-Vaxxers (Stephen Sajdak)
Case File #0001 - Hollow Earth
Case File #7891 - Psychic Powers (Amanda Smith)
Case File #5823 - Goatman / Pope Lick Monster (Andrew Jupin)
Case File #6875 - Mandela Effect & the Berenstain Bears (Phil Gonzales)

Open Lines: Civil War Ghosts, YouTube, Scary Stuff (Call-in show)
Open Lines: Paul McCartney, Obamacare, Reptilians (Call-in show)

The Ghost Story Spectacular
The Ghost Story Spectacular 2
Field Report: Ghost Hunters (Kyle Levenick)

Bonus Episode - The Magical Christmas Alien ("Amy")
Emergency Broadcast #001
Bonus Episode - The War On Christmas Christmas Special
Bonus Episode - Andy Kaufman Lives! (Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak)
Bonus Episode - Scary Summer Camp Stories (Rich McHale)
Bonus Episode - Scary Summer Camp Stories 2
Bonus Episode - Scary Summer Camp Stories 3


  1. Please do an episode on Federal Reserve conspiracies.

  2. Is this a list of all your episodes? I see 13 episodes but from hearing about your show from others, I got an impression that you've been around longer than this. Is there an Archive or are you newer than I thought?

    1. Dear No One, there's another episode. Visit the front page http://BlameItOnOuterSpace.com

      The show has been around since November 2012. The episodes were reduced to one a month. However, supposedly in November 2013 the shows will start being every other week.

  3. Great podcast! You guys are very funny! You should do an episode on the Bill Clinton conspiracy theories of the '90s. That would be great to listen to!