Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Case File #8405 - Project Serpo

On this episode Amanda Smith (The Lizanda Show) stops by to uncover Project Serpo. It's an alleged exchange program between the U.S. Government and extraterrestrials from Serpo, a planet in the Zeti Reticuli star system. They were the ones who landed at Roswell. The lone survivor? EBE (or Abe) who sells his people out. But what happened to the humans in the exchange program? Ronald Reagan knew. Why don't we? Plus: A listener sends in evidence of UFOs over America.

Music: Chris "Invisible Boy" Bierden of Poli├ža - BIOOS Theme  

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  1. I honestly can't believe you guys have not sky rocketed yet. This podcast is consistently one of the funniest podcasts ever. It is a pure joy when you guys release new episodes. You make the long winter nights up here in Canada bearable when I'm hooked on caffeine and trying to study. Thank you guys for the incredible quality of these episodes.Awesome work, can't wait for more!

    1. Seconded...Such good relisten value too.