Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Case File #0004 - The Holy Bible

Eric and Ben welcome Vincent Brusco (The Vinny Brusco Show) back to the couch to discuss something some would call a religious text. It's The Holy Bible. What does Ezekiel Chapter One mean? Tower of Babel, that sucker nuclear?  Barack Obama: President or Satan? And was Noah a Martian who had a spaceship full of Martian animals which now live on Earth to this day? All of this and much more explored! Plus: What happens if you cross an 11 year old murderous ghost trapped on the Internet?

Music: Chris "Invisible Boy" Bierden of Poli├ža - BIOOS Theme

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  1. I'm very upset about the theme song change, mostly because of how ben talks about the new one being made by an actual musician when it sounds like 10 minutes on garageband in comparison to the old one which was hauntingly beautiful with great lyrics that I always sang along to. I figure most people listen to podcasts when relaxing travelling or going to sleep and the new theme is very jarring. In short I'm sorry invisible boy but I hate it and I think it's kind of insulting to Matt mcneely when you talk about replacing something so obviously perfect

    1. I assure you we were not trying to insult Matt nor did we ever mean to imply we didn't like his theme. We've been playing it because we like it. This happened, so we changed it up. Sorry if the show no longer puts you to sleep.

    2. I TOTALLY agree with Thom.
      You've broken my heart, BIOOS.
      Broken. My. Heart.
      I hope you're happy Eric & Ben.
      Here's to you guys getting so much grief that you have to switch back to Matt McN's obviously perfect (thanks Thom) theme song.
      I will wait patiently until the next episode, in which you do the right thing and your hardcore faithful hear -
      "People were through the looking glass..."

  2. Thanks for responding. I didn't want to sound like a rabid fan that hates any change. I just really like the old theme song and the description of the new one of being made by an actual musician irked me. Please keep on Making great podcasts and trying new things and I'll not to fall asleep while listening but Eric's voice is very soothing. Maybe invisible boy can sell his soul to a certain friend of the show for a new iMac. Also maybe keep the old theme as the outro!

  3. All of this and much more explored! Plus: What happens if you cross an 11 year old murderous ghost trapped on the Internet?file sharing

  4. Hey, guess what? I actually read a book! You know, those things that are like really long Cracked articles but with like 80 percent less pictures of titties? Well I tried one of those, and it was pretty good. In fact, it was fantastic! You may have even heard of it. It's called the Holy Bible. But while this book may indeed be the greatest story ever told, I looked around for a bit and I couldn't find a single review of it. Not one! That's just criminal. This book deserves way more attention than it's apparently getting, so while I may not have any of the credentials of a professional book critic--much less the education, comprehension, vocabulary or moral equilibrium--I'm going to write up a quick review anyway. Thanks all!!