Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Case File #97823 - FEMA Camps

On this episode Eric and Ben welcome the acclaimed actor Wilford Brimley (Andrew Jupin) who shocks the co-hosts with not only revelations about the Government but also The Karate Kid's Pat Morita. Hear about the secret concentration camps run by the nefarious FEMA. Hear about the secret Brimley compound in Wyoming frequented by Amazon's drones. And martial law or marijuana legalization, which side does the diabetic choose?

Music: Matt McNeely - Blame It On Outer Space

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  1. "Whot the Hell is go-inn on heah? I came heah to get My munney, gol-dammit, and all I found was a bunch of" beggars in My house,gol-dammit!"
    Don't know if I can listen to another episode with-out hearing "Mr Brimling-ton" ever in Andrews voice!!!
    Love Youse-Guyes'es soo much!
    More "Willford",please!!!
    Eric...when, in "GOD'S"-name, are You going to get that Norm McDonald impression right?
    You're soo close!
    Love This Show!
    (Whot, there'es a man named "Pit-Bull", I wish I were DEAD!

  2. Almost forgot, I, also, Hate Movies!

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