Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Case File #0832 - The Thunderbird

On this week's episode we investigate the giant bird known as the Thunderbird. Its origins extend as far back as Native American mythology and the Ford Motor Company. Supposedly, a Thunderbird was shot down by cowboys in the 1890s and they have been spotted all the way up to the 21st Century. Aren't these just dragons? What do they eat? And what would it be like to discover you're actually part Thunderbird? That's right, they're also shape-shifters.

Music: They Might Be Giants - Thunderbird

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  1. You mentioned Alton,IL in your podcast and a sighting in the 40's. There's a tangentially connected myth from the area that is Thunderbirdish.

    Marquette and Joliet saw the Piasa Bird painted on the bluffs in their travel on the Mississippi.
    Link to the myth:

    1. Sounds suspiciously like Rodan to me....