Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Case File #6901 – The Moon Landing Hoax

On this installment of Blame It On Outer Space we investigate accusations launched by conspiracy theorists against Apollo 11. Do any of them land or are they way off-base? Our continued probe for information takes us from the Van Allen radiation belt all the way to the Lunar Truck Stop gloryhole. Did Stanley Kubrick direct the moon landing? Hey, what's with that flag? How did their gloves even work? And, yeah, there are probably crazy people in Maine too.

Music: Andy Williams – Moon River

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  1. Just watch the Mythbusters episode on the moon landing. All of the objections that these conspiracy theorists come up with are destroyed one by one. It's a really entertaining episode:

    Most interestingly, the flag on the moon DOES wave, which is a major Moon Hoax theorist point. They claim that in a vacuum, there is no wind, so a flag shouldn't wave. The Mythbusters take a replica of the moon flag, place it in a vacuum chamber, and, walala! The flag DOES wave in a vacuum!

  2. Also:

    "You're a coward, a liar and a th...[punch]."

    Buzz Aldrin FTW.

  3. There are definitely people who work for NASA with thick southern accents. Keep in mind that a number of large NASA facilities are in Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.

  4. Debunking D-Day: If they invaded a beach, how come none of the soldiers came back with suntans?!

  5. Quick info....the bible was on the side of the earth being round long before "science". Scienctist for years BELIEVED the earth was flat. Please be respectful of people of faith. I listen all the time and love the show.thanks